‘Nosferatu’ on Halloween

I’m not one for celebrating Halloween, but that evening a friend and I marked the occasion by seeing the 1922 silent vampire flick “Nosferatu” at Disney Concert Hall with live organ accompaniment. The movie is slightly campy at this point, but still creepy, and the organ added immeasurably to the impact.

It was my first time in Disney Hall and I enjoyed the look and feel of the place. Some patrons were dressed up for Halloween. And some employees in their formal white shirts, black vests and black pants also wore an accessory: glowing devil horns.

Beforehand we had dinner a block away at Kendall’s Brasserie, a modestly upscale bistro. A party of four was clad in capes and at the bar a man, otherwise dressed formally, wore a spangled Green Hornet-type mask.

How was your Halloween?

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  • meg

    How was Kendall’s? I’m always looking for a decent place to eat before the opry.

    [Pretty good pastas, seafood, steaks, etc., as long as you’re of a mind to pay $50 to $60 per person. — DA]

  • judi

    I took the kids trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Our little area really gets into the spirit of the holiday with great decorations, several haunted garages, a lot of front yard fire pits with multi-family celebrations, and many costumed adults. My favorite of the night was a 6’2″ (at least) man wearing a full-body pink Care Bear outfit, complete with a heart on his tummy. Now there’s someone secure in his manhood!

    [Boy howdy. — DA]

  • Linda Frost

    We had an old-fashioned Halloween in Mt. Baldy. We dressed in costume and handed out homemade treats and candy to adults and kids. With the almost full moon and a breeze to rustle the leaves, it was a perfect evening. It’s the only place I know where you can take something homemade and know you’ll be able to eat it.

    The most memorable Halloween was one we spent in Avalon. A group of us sailed over and went to the costume ball at the Casino. It has an exquisite dance floor. I went as a slice of watermelon. There were many elaborate costumes and interesting people. The next day we went parasailing sround the harbor.

    Pardon the mistakes. I’m on a hotel computer in Bryce Canyon National Park — no spell check.

    [A comment from vacation! Thanks, Linda. — DA]

  • Elizabeth

    I wanted to go to that Disney Hall show. Another great happening included a screening of “Halloween” on Halloween at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. They screen the films on the wall of Paramount Studios, which is on the other side (they do this all summer). However, we had to do the trick-or-treating with the kids. Maybe next year! We love to read about your experiences! Great ideas and reviews — thanks!