A quiet week

For Thanksgiving week, we’re going dark here on the blog, other than a special post Thursday for Thanksgiving Day. I’m taking a few days off (paid, this time) to relax and work on some projects at home.

Columns will continue appearing, however; I was able to write a few ahead last week to clear out a backlog of items.

Enjoy the week, poke around on the blog for past entries if you like, and we’ll see you next week.

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  • Ramona

    Have a great Thanksgiving week, David.

    We’ll miss you but everyone deserves to have a day or two to relax. (Especially paid days off.)

    See ya later when the tryptophan wears off.

  • Doug Evans

    I’m thankful for Dave Allen and his blog! (And his column.) One of my must-check-every-day bookmarks.

  • Audrey VandenBosch

    And a Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


    Have a nice Day, Turkey…..er..ah..a nice Turkey Day!

    [Likewise! — DA]