Pomona Christmas Parade 2009

It was wet and only slightly wild for Saturday’s parade. Here’s a link to Bulletin photographer Thomas Cordova’s gallery of 17 photos and a link to the Downtown Pomona blog; scroll down to the parade photos.

I rode in the parade, as Cordova documented:


And my friend Lisa McPheron snapped a shot of one of the wackier floats, a rolling teeter-totter:

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  • A. S. Ashley

    There is another link for Parade Photos at the Pomona’s Art Colonists blog: http://pomonaartscolony.blogspot.com/2009/12/parade-and-artwalk-first-off-at-10am.html

    [Didn’t know about that one, thanks. — DA]

  • Ren

    And at Images of Pomona

    [Photo galleries are everywhere! — DA]

  • Bob House

    A little snow in the background of the first picture and you’re “Scoop” Allen, the newspaper reporter from the Bedford Falls Bulletin (who should have been) in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

    [Headline: “Banker Says Potter Nothing But ‘Scurvy Little Spider'” — DA]

  • Linda Frost

    The Goddess Pomona must be looking over your shoulder. You even got a car in which to ride! Let’s hope there is a parade next year.

  • Ygnacio Palomares

    I tried to put in a “good word” to you-know-who but we really did need the rain for my beloved valley. I am proud that the parade came back and am always amused by my gringo friend David’s insights into that great city. I look forward to his next “excellent” adventure.

    [We understand, Mr. Palomares. If anyone can see the big picture, it’s you. — DA]