Spires in Rancho Cucamonga closes

Reader Ernie Alvater writes this week:

“Any idea what happened to the Spires Restaurant at Foothill & Haven in Rancho Cucamonga? It was open and busy last week, then suddenly it was closed with a sign in the window reading ‘OUT OF BUSINESS.’ It’s sad, because they had a very nice staff and very reasonable prices. Maybe that’s what did them in — the reasonable prices, not the nice staff!”

I have no inside info but would take the sign at its word. Must have been busy, but not busy enough. (There’s still a Spires at Vineyard and Holt in Ontario.)

Fun fact: The multi-sided white building on Foothill west of Haven began as a Spires, became Foothill Grill in 2000 and reverted to a Spires in 2007. Question: Can we get Foothill Grill back?

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  • http://rickandbill.com Rick

    I vote for Foothill Grill coming back too! They had good fried chicken, which is hard to find. Jack’s, now closed, also had good fried chicken.

    Now, where do we go?

    [For fried chicken in Rancho Cucamonga? I dunno. Have you tried Brandon’s? — DA]

  • Marlene

    Corky’s fried chicken is the best I have found in the area.

  • Will Plunkett

    Sad to hear; for a while, I figured this would be one restaurant that could withstand the closure curse.

    Good food, good service, good portions, good prices. Perhaps it was the last part that did them in.

    And I always used to pronounce it as the “Foo-thill Grill,” just because.

    [Foo to you too, Will. — DA]