L.A. City Hall beacon


The beacon atop City Hall was located and restored a few years back and placed where it belong. It sweeps the sky at night, offering a Gothom City-type effect. Sorry the photo is blurry; I must have been excited by the cool sight.

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  • shirley wofford

    Hi David,

    I had read an article about this beacon’s planned restoration in 2001, just before 9/11. As I recall, it was only going to operate at certain, specified times. When the 9/11 tragedy hit, I already had tickets for an event at the Music Center, and I went with a very heavy heart, a week or two after that awful morning. At any rate, after we left the restaurant at the Music Center (it was a Saturday night), I looked toward the City Hall, and the beacon was flashing. I could not hear a wail, but I felt like that light was wailing for us all.

  • http://la.metblogs.com/2009/12/10/la-city-halls-lindbergh-beacon-shines-again/ Don J

    Technically Dave it’s the “Lindbergh Beacon,” as I recall it flashes the Morse Code for “LA”…when they had Lucky Lindy out for the kickoff his only question for the dignitaries was “Why wasn’t this placed @ the airport?”

    [Don’s URL is a link to a nice, short history about the beacon. — DA]

  • http://www.hughcmcbride.com hugh.c.mcbride

    Speaking of beacons, I heard a rumor that there are plans to install a “cyber-columnist” beacon atop Mt. Baldy in order to summon a scribe when scribe-worthy events occur in the 909.

    From what I’ve heard, the beacon will be Batman-like, but instead of big ol’ bat in the sky, IE residents will see what appears to be a keyboard surrounded by a swarm of gnats.

    You know anything about this?

    [Gnaturally. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Too bad they didn’t have the beacon up in 1953. Perhaps City Hall could have defended itself from destruction by the “laser-on-a-stalk” Martian war machines in The War of the Worlds. (RIP Gene Barry)

    Best wishes to all for a greatly improved New Year.

    [Bzzzz-zap! right back atcha, Bob. — DA]