‘In the wee small hours of the morning…’


A downtown Pomona restaurant’s attempt to go 24/3 on weekends seems to have fallen short by four hours and one day. Well, it was a nice try.

Photo by Marc Campos

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  • A. S. Ashley

    …and sparing no expense on the sign work.

  • marc c.

    After the Sonic Youth show at the Fox I bet my friend Allen that you already knew about this and had seen this sign.

    Allen, I owe you a dollar.

    Also, not too bad for a camera phone.

    [Good enough for a blog, certainly. Sorry to have cost you a buck. But thanks for the photo! — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Nice Frank reference. You must have a box set from Rhino.

    [I own all the Capitol albums on CD. “It’s a quarter to 3, there’s no one in the place but you and me…at Casa Jimenez…” — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    It gives my heart a little tug to see what some have been going through to survive. But, when it comes to food, this sign is not too enticing. I just hope it doesn’t cause any reflection on our Casa Jimenez restaurant in Ontario — a nice and popular little place in the strip mall at 4th and Mountain.

  • dwaingkaiser

    I’m glad they started listing your column again on the web page for mobile phone users.

    It’s great to have an almost 24 hour eating place a block away from the Glass House…excellent food, all you can eat if you wish, and a chance to get the ringing out of your ears before heading home (or to Joey’s for a 64oz Pomona Queen and another concert).

    Dwain Kaiser
    Magic Door
    Quality Used Books
    In the Heart of the Art Colony

    [Thanks for bringing the mobile issues to my attention. We got it fixed. BlackBerry and iPhone users now have no excuse for not keeping up! — DA]