‘Monster train’ created monster enthusiasm

Did you hear about the so-called “monster train” that chugged through the Inland Valley on Jan. 10? This 3.5-mile Union Pacific test train, which traveled from Texas to Long Beach, was said to be the longest freight train in California history. At one point in its journey, the train spanned virtually the entire length of Pomona.

Well, an Ontario man named Joe Perry, who’s a railroad buff, followed the train from Imperial County to Ontario, documenting various legs of the trip on his website, www.chasingsteel.com. Below is a video he shot from the Mountain Avenue overpass at about 2 p.m. The train, with nine locomotives and nearly 300 cars, takes almost five minutes to pass. You can read Perry’s account here.

If you were in a hurry, you wouldn’t have wanted to be among the motorists stuck at a railroad crossing. You can see them streaming across the tracks the last few seconds of the video.

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  • Larry Egan

    You continue to amaze me, David. I didn’t think you could, but you’ve topped yourself. I’ve always managed to be captivated, as I’m sure many of your readers have, with hot topics such as “What I Read” or “What I Eat” (both topics keep me riveted to my seat by the way), now I find myself staring in awe at my computer screen for five minutes watching a freight train roll by. Now you’ve done it! How are you ever going to top that? Riveting, spellbinding, genius!

    [Coming soon: a video of paint drying. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. — DA]

  • Derek Christensen

    YouTube video viewers always have the option of pausing/not viewing the entire post. Seeing exactly how long it was makes a point.

    [Exactly. To be honest, I couldn’t watch the whole thing myself, busying myself with other tasks while the video played, and skipping ahead to the end, but it’s cool that it’s out there. That is one long train. — DA]

  • Tracey

    I think the stop light at Tryon and Archibald (leaving the Marlboro Villas townhomes) in RC is roughly that long. The one at Chino Hills Parkway and Pipeline in Chino Hills is a close second.

  • Tad Decker


    We all eagerly await your promised “paint drying video.” Take it from me, watching paint dry is one of those things that makes life worth living.

    Tad Decker
    Paint Bucket, Inc.

    [With stores in Upland and Ontario to serve you better. — DA]

  • Don J

    With the Paint Bucket a short walk away from the video’s vantage point on the Mountain Ave overpass, I believe a Rail/Paint Fan would opt to view the Monster Train because of the historical value alone — you can watch paint drying any old time.

    [What we need, perhaps, is video of a freshly painted Monster Train. — DA]

  • Bob House

    I noticed freshly painted graffiti on the 487th, 623rd and 714th rail cars.

    [But who’s counting? — DA]

  • I am counting! (David – Thanks for the post. All – Thanks for watching my video!)