‘Sunset Blvd’

Here’s a 9:45-minute chunk of the 1950 classic “Sunset Blvd.” If you don’t want to watch the whole bit, jump ahead to the 8:30 mark for a great little scene with a famous Inland Valley movie reference.

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  • http://onebigword.com Jason McPheron

    You can add a time code to YouTube links to jump to an arbitrary point in the clip by adding a time code after a pound sign (#). Like so;


    Normally I have a short attention span, but in this case I recommend the whole movie.

    [I learn something new every day. In this case, I learned that new thing 10 minutes into my shift. Can I go home now? Oh, and thanks, Jason. — DA]

  • Bob House

    I wonder if the Pomona comment is an inside joke regarding the infamous horrible Pomona premiere of “The Magnificent Ambersons” eight years earlier?
    Extremely critical comments from Pomona viewers wrecked the movie’s initial reception by the public, resulted in a major financial loss for the studio and derailed Orson Welles’ career in Hollywood. Many blamed the “Amberson’s” fiasco on Pomona viewers’ lack of sophistication.

    [Yeah, that’s a tragic story for film buffs. I would guess the joke isn’t specifically about “Ambersons” but rather about Pomona being in the sticks and having Peoria-like tastes (the reason movies were previewed there, to get the common person’s reaction). However it’s meant, it’s a fun moment. — DA]

  • Dave Taylor

    These actors, in their earlier years, would have been very familiar with Pomona for other reasons. One being that Holt Blvd used to be A Street and was the main thoroughfare between Hollywood and Palm Springs in the ’30s and ’40s.

    My grandparents ran a restaurant, nightclub and auto court with camping cabins back then. It was called the Green Lantern and was on A Street in Ontario, near where the county buildings are now. The mix of Hollywood and the military men from the airport back then led to some amazing stories.

    [Drop me a line and share them, Dave. I’m ready to be amazed. — DA]

  • Sean Banister

    That was great. Don’t forget the integral plot point Pomona plays in Spielberg’s 1941.

    [Belushi, as pilot: “Pomona? Which way is Pomona?” — DA]

  • http://diversitown.blogspot.com meg

    Actually, there’s a local blog named after that IE reference: http://theywillloveitinpomona.blogspot.com/

    You probably know the blogger, but I’ll leave it to him to reveal himself.

  • Ted

    I must have missed it, all I heard was something about okies in the dustbowl. Was Pomona a dust bowl?

    [You must’ve given up too soon. Go to 8:30 in the video and listen to the last minute. — DA]

  • Eric

    Isn’t there a reference to Pomona in the 1953 version of “The War of the Worlds” as well?

    [“They’re probably halfway to Pomona by now!” or something like that concerning the Martian invaders. — DA]

  • Eric

    I just saw another Pomona reference in an episode from the third season of Six Feet Under called either “Twilight” or “I’m Sorry I’m Lost.”

    Nate goes out for a smoke and leaves his infant daughter alone. When he gets back, he finds his family in his above-the-garage apartment comforting the crying child. Nate says, “I just went out for a smoke,” to which his brother, David, replies, “Where? Pomona?”

    [Pomona = a long way away. Thanks, Eric. — DA]