Miss Pomona crowned

Bedsairy (Betsy) Santoyo is the new Miss Pomona, crowned in a ceremony Saturday in which yours truly was one of the judges. Look for my column on the experience on Wednesday.

In the meantime, the Metro Pomona blog has a writeup, with a Flickr slideshow by photographer Sally Egan. Elsewhere, on the M-M-M-My Pomona blog, a blogger enjoyed the event yet expresses unease.

I was happy to be asked to judge. After all, I’ve led a parade and I’ve judged a chili cookoff, but I’d never judged a pageant.

Does this mean I have the world’s corniest bucket list? No, but after participating in two staples of small-town Americana, a pageant would make a trifecta.

All three of those events, by the way, were in downtown Pomona, which is apparently a traditional-values hotbed. I don’t know what’s next down there. Maybe an ice cream social and a rodeo.

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  • Doug Evans

    Hey, I recognize that shirt! (Referring to your photo in the flicker stream…) I thought your afternoon plan after lunch was to change your clothes? 🙂

    I like the retro look they went for in the Miss Pomona banner. Looks like a good time at the pageant and I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s write-up!

    [I kept the sweater, put on a jacket and ditched the jeans and sneakers. It was a partial change of clothes. — DA]