Sheets mural, downtown L.A.

37079-sheetsmuralla 004.jpg
37080-sheetsmuralla 002.jpg

Walking on Spring Street in downtown L.A. a while back, I noticed the mural on the exterior of City Hall East, the secondary City Hall building on the east side of Spring. Wondering if the mural might be by longtime Claremont and Pomona artist Millard Sheets, and in no hurry, I stepped closer. Indeed it is.

The 28-by-60-foot mural, “The Family of Man,” was installed in 1972 and envisioned as a way to celebrate diversity. Click here to see more images of the mural and read a short explanation.

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  • Adam Arenson

    Nice pictures; keep track of the current effort to identify and save Millard Sheets’s public art here:

    Adam Arenson
    Assistant Professor of History
    The University of Texas at El Paso

  • Bob House

    First Henry’s Restaurant and now, Millard Sheets murals — your blog is getting to be the academic clearinghouse for the Inland Empire’s architectural history.

    Also, thanks to your original post and the “click here” referral, I learned that the manufacturer of the mosaic tiles used by Sheets was the successor to the Franciscan Pottery in Glendale, maker of perhaps the most famous, biggest selling dinnerware designs (Desert Rose, et al) in the U.S. from the 1940s.

    [We aim to be edifying. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Just saw an article on the San Jose Mercury website indicating that a Millard Sheets mural in an old section of the San Jose Airport will be destroyed in remodeling. They plan a “photographic reproduction” to be created and displayed after the original is gone, but still . . .

    Article here:

  • John Schick

    Millard Sheets had his office/studio on Foothill Blvd in Claremont. It’s still there, but is an Ophthalmologist’s office now. The building is AMAZING. It should be a museum.