Air raid update!

I finally got around to photographing Claremont’s second (who knew?) air raid siren. Click here to see the updated “Air raid!” post. And thanks to the readers who brought it to my attention. Clearly I don’t spend enough time west of Indian Hill…

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  • Judy Wright

    I just want to make a comment on the Oxford Avenue tower you wrote about yesterday. I remember one summer about 13-14 years ago when the siren went off because of a prank by neighborhood boys. What a sound!!

    Most of us in the neighborhood (I live on 10th St.) do not have central air and leave our windows and doors open in the summer. The sound of the siren was bloodcurdling.

    I was on the Claremont City Council at the time and called 911 because I was sure if I didn’t, someone else would. It took about an hour for people to figure out how to turn the #%$&@ thing off.

    Brad and Mary Ann Blaine are now trying to sell their house, which sits behind the tower. Apparently, all prospective buyers are curious about their “tower.”

    [That’s a funny story! Thanks for sharing, Judy. — DA]