Disoriented lizard


Geico doesn’t seem to know it, but these “I’m here in Rancho Cucamonga” billboards are both placed miles from Rancho Cucamonga in Ontario.

The one at left is on Mountain Avenue between I and J streets (note the Mountain Avenue Car Wash sign), the one below on Vineyard Avenue at D Street. Thanks to reader Amado Cervantes for the tip.

Would you buy auto insurance from a company with such a poor sense of direction?

37341-geico 001.jpg
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  • Sylvia

    I dont think that is what the lizard is saying. What he is advertising is that he is at 8130 Vineyard Ave. In Rancho.

  • Derek Christensen


    The “8130 Vineyard Avenue” Address IS located in Rancho Cucamonga (southwest corner of Vineyard and Foothill). So, even though the signs are posted in Ontario, the Lizard (and Gieco Office) ARE in Rancho Cucamonga.

    P.S.: I neither work for Gieco nor carry their insurance, but I have seen their Rancho Cucamonga office location from the road.

    [True, the billboard can be read that way, and in that sense, it’s factually correct: It is in Rancho Cucamonga. Then again, the word “here” implies that you are also in Rancho Cucamonga. — DA]

  • Derek Christensen

    True, they should have added “Rancho Cucamonga” after the Vineyard address (unless they secretly did all this just to cause confusion, controversy, stir people up).

  • Derek Christensen

    Instead, how about:

    “I’m IN Rancho Cucamonga to save you money here.”

    Oh well.

  • Doug Evans


    I logged in to share, “Maybe the lizard just means, ‘I’m sitting here, in Rancho Cucamonga, waiting for you to join me when you need me…'” like I might write, “Hey, Dave, I’m here in Chino Hills, commenting on your blog!” but I see that Sylvia and Derek beat me to it. Sylvia and Derek: my new Internet arch-nemeses.

    I also wanted to share how much my wife Heidi and I enjoyed your Sunday column… Heidi spent a year in Santander, Spain, very close to the Basque country, as an exchange student in high school. She’s very familiar with the Basque cooking. Yet despite that… and despite our having lived here in sunny CH for sixteen years… we’ve never eaten at Centro Basco. Your column has reminded us that we need to rectify that omission and soon. I like the idea of the boarder’s table. Thanks for writing it up!

    [Maybe you and Heidi can have lunch and invite your new arch-nemeses. Batman has the Joker, Superman has Lex Luthor, and you have Sylvia and Derek. — DA]

  • Ted

    another unusual sign, right across from the Wienerschnitzel on Central Avenue, a body shop called Chino Hills Autobody in Chino. I guess Chino Hills has better stuff or cheaper prices.

    [Chino Hills Ford is also in Chino. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    David, I never look at billboards, so these two wouldn’t have received my attention. My city, Montclair, does not allow billboards. I’m grateful for that rule and hope they never waffle on it. If I were into billboards, these might have won me over. The Geico lizard is one of my favorite fictional characters.

  • James Rodriguez

    BTW, what’s the lizard’s accent? England or Australian? Either one, it drives me nuts to listen.

  • Annie

    The lizard’s accent is obviously Australian. Even a caveman would know that!

  • Derek Christensen

    From doing a little research….

    The Geico Gecko was a product of The Martin Agency. “The Martin Agency is an American advertising agency based in Richmond, Virginia that is now part of Interpublic Group of Companies.”


    “the gecko speaks with an English (Cockney) accent, because it would be unexpected, according to Martin Agency’s Steve Bassett. Paul Morgan, a British actor and comedian, is the current voice of the GEICO gecko.”

  • Scott in R.C.

    Today (Friday) is Seafood at the boarders table at Centro Basco. I will be there to partake!

    [I hope to get there on a Friday sometime but deadlines tend to get in my way. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I looked up the lizard because I was concerned that he might be voiced by the late Don LaFontaine who did Geico commercials, in addition to lots of other things. I was surprised to learn that the little darling’s first voice was done by Kelsey Grammer. I now wonder if LaFontaine was the person voicing the undercover guy who would spy on the lizard, when he was making his pitch at various locations.

    [“In a world where auto insurance is advertised, one lizard stands alone…” (LaFontaine is best known for epic-sounding movie trailer voiceovers.) — DA]

  • Derek Christensen

    Actually, Don LaFontaine was IN a Geico commercial, and not just his voice. (cir. 2006)

    He was shown in a woman’s kitchen hallway “telling her story,” by performing a faux movie-trailer-like announcement.

    In a sense (spoofing himself) he speaks: “In a world where both of our cars were totally underwater…”

    The commercial is posted on YouTube. Here is the web address for that YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJMGS7l0wT8 or you can look it up (search) there under: “LaFontaine” and “Geico.”

    [LaFontaine also spoofed himself on camera for the trailer for the Seinfeld documentary “Comedian.” — DA]