More blogs coming?

You may be aware that the Daily Bulletin has “Now” blogs for most local cities: Pomona Now, Rancho Cucamonga Now, etc. I’m thinking we should expand the blog lineup. Also, that the names should rhyme. Ideas:

* Meow Now: for cat fanciers

* Cow Now: dairy blog

* Sow Now: pig blog

* Dow Now: stocks tables

* Howe Now: devoted to the hockey family

* Pow Now: boxing

* Now Now: manners

Your turn: What possible blogs did I leave out?

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  • Stephen

    How could you miss “What Now”? 🙂

  • Ms. Lois


    How about Chow Now for food and Vow Now for weddings?

  • John Clifford

    For casino gamblers: Pai Gow Now

    For Native Americans: Pow Wow Now

    For members of the National Association of Women: NOW Now

    For emergency room doctors: Oww Now

    For dialect coaches: How Now Brown Cow Now

    [Ha ha ha now! — DA]

  • Will Bigham

    Bow Wow Now, a dog blog

    [Even “dog blog” rhymes, sort of. — DA]

  • WendyE.

    Brow Now for estheticians

    Plow Now for farmers

    Prow Now for boaters and the brave

    Row Now for the argumentative

  • Allan

    Unibrow Now: fans of Sesame Street’s Bert

    Plow Now: a throwback to the area’s agricultural days. Will they tweet frost advisories? (whoops, someone beat me to it but I’ll turn it in anyway)

    Mao Now: state-sanctioned blog

    WoW Now: World of Warcraft blog

    Free-verse Now: ’cause rhyme and structure just hold back creativity in blog-naming, man!

  • meg

    Bough Now, for arborists, tree-lovers, and residents (like yourself) of the City of Trees and PhDs.

    What? You didn’t say they had to be *spelled* the same.

    [As long as they rhyme, that’s all we ask. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Now? Now: for procrastinators

    Bao Now: for dumpling fans

    Mow Now: for landscapers who favor visual rhymes

  • davididas

    Tao Now – for taoism fans

  • Mary Kent

    How? Now — for Do-It-Yourselfers

    Is there a prize? 🙂

    [No. 🙁 — DA]

  • Wendy Leung

    And from the sports desk …

    Pau Now: a daily dose of the Spanish Lakers star.

    Yao Now: a daily dose of the Chinese Rockets star.

    Triple Salchow Now: keeping track of the figure skating moves in Vancouver.

  • Shel

    That’s Enough Now


    [The next commenter doesn’t agree… DA]

  • John Plessel

    My 2…

    • Sham Wow Now: Infomercial blog

    • Kung Pow Now: Chinese food blog

    • Salchow Now: Figure skating blog (ooh…how timely!)

    • Ka-pow! Now: Comic book blog

    • Moscow Now: Russian blog

    • Bow Wow Wow Now: Blog for fans of the ’80s band

    [Ha ha ha! John does our Dine 909 blog, which you’ll note also rhymes. — DA]

  • judi

    Kowtow Now: Employees blog

    Hoosegow Now: Prison blog

    Cacao Now: Chocolate-lover blog

    Highbrow Now: Hoity-toity blog

    Hausfrau Now: Germany’s Desperate Housewives blog

    Somehow Now: Optimists blog

    [You always come through, Judi. — DA]

  • Will Plunkett

    Love of Cambell’s Soup, pizza, and chicken: Mmmm [good], Papa [John’s] [General] Mao Now

    Fans of dimensional time travel: Then Now

    Those who want 1980s candy: Bow Wow Wow Now

    Poland’s nightlife scene: Krakow Now

    Seeking a vocation or marriage?: Vow Now

    Permissive Posters: Allow Now

    [I’ll allow that. — DA]

  • Gary Chiabaudo

    Admonishments for the disgraced San Bernardino County Government 5th floor former employees: NOW NOW.

    Surf music fans, fans of the novelty surf music group the Trashmen: Papa-Ooo-Mow-Mow Now