Restaurant of the Week: Rocco’s Taccos

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CLOSED; now Rosy’s Tacos

Rocco’s Taccos, 669 Indian Hill Blvd. (at Holt), Pomona

Yes, Rocco’s really does spell its product that way, a joke that may or may not be worth the confusion. Rocco’s recently filled a space where every tenant, it seems, is doomed to failure after its year is up. (The most recent victim of the curse was Pittsburgh Broasted Chicken.) But perhaps Rocco’s will escape that fate.

I had a quick dinner there Monday before a council meeting. The woman behind the counter was cheerful. I asked if there were any specialties and she recommended the fish and shrimp tacos. At $1.75 each, they were pretty good.

Besides the usual tacos ($1.15 to $1.75) and burritos ($4.50 to $5.50), Rocco’s also has an array of tortas ($5). One is the La Cubana. I wonder what’s in the one named La Pomona?

I wouldn’t say Rocco’s lives up to its slogan of “Best tacos in town” (see photo); in fact, last time I checked you could get better tacos across the street at Mariscos de Ensenada No. 5, although you’d have to factor in the time and money for table service. But as a taqueria, and for the money, Rocco’s is okay.

If the name or logo ring any bells, the same family also owns Rocco’s Pizza in Montclair. Can Rocco’s Sushi be next?

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  • Doug Evans

    I don’t have a comment about this particular restaurant, but I want to share that I enjoy this portion of your blog almost as much as the monthly book-reading updates (and it’s not just because we’ve shared a restaurant-of-the-week meal at Pizzaioli). Heidi and I have occasionally eaten at places based on your write-ups, but more than that, it’s just fun to read about a place (like today’s) and say, “Hey, I know that corner!” Makes me even prouder to be a proud resident of the 909.

    In other news: it was a commenter on your blog who finally showed me the proper way to pronounce Pizzaioli (the “aio” comes off as “aye-oh”), for which I am grateful.

    [A grateful nation agrees, Doug. Although I still prefer to yodel the name. — DA]