Recycling mystery


Photo: Will Plunkett

Reader Will Plunkett of Rancho Cucamonga noticed this lineup of everything-under-the-(desert)-sun recycling containers while visiting Death Valley and wondered about the one at the far left. He asks: “Is this the mysterious way California will help its struggling economy, with an unknown product?”

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  • Ramona

    Was he able to resist the urge to peek inside?

    [Apparently. — DA]

  • I’m pretty sure this is the first stage of a statewide effort to encourage citizens to rid themselves of overused or misused words & phrases.

    Someday soon, we’ll have dumpsters filled with extraneous “onlys,” “actuallys,” “literallys” and “at this point in times,” which professional linguists can then disassemble & recycle into more effective tools for communication.

    It’s all part of the governor’s new “California: We Ain’t Gots No Money, But We Speak So Well!” campaign.

    [At the end of the day, that could actually work. — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    As amusing to me as the “only” container is the handicapped parking spot tucked jauntily there between the “cans only” and the “plastic only.” It’s things like that that made us pass the ADA act back in 1990.

    Also: This might just be the English teacher in me, but doesn’t the first half of Hugh’s slogan invalidate the second half?

    [Any sentence beginning “This might just be the English teacher in me” should send a shiver down anyone’s spine. — DA]

  • kristin McConnell

    Re: today’s column: I don’t understand the whole Ray Musser thing. Why is he being punished for running against Pomierski? Isn’t that what people do who want to be mayor? What else has he done to make the entire City Council regard him has a pest and necessary evil? I don’t know the whole story, but from what little I’ve heard, I don’t think the mayor, nor the council, is showing much class. Until I find out more, it sounds like Musser is being treated unfairly.

    [As an elected official it’s always dicey to run against one of your colleagues. As far as the fairness or unfairness of Musser’s treatment, that’s open to debate. But if one of your co-workers tried to take your job away, twice, you might not be thrilled to cooperate with him or her either. — DA]