Not the wurst that could happen

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A week after a Metrolink/Gold Line jaunt to try out Good Girl Dinette in Highland Park, Sunday saw me repeating the experiment, this time at Wurstkuche in downtown L.A.

I got off the Gold Line Extension at its first stop, at Alameda and 1st, and walked about four blocks to Wurstkuche, a well-regarded Belgian beer and housemade hot dog place in the Arts District. (Like Good Girl Dinette, it’s on LA Weekly’s LA 99 list.)

There was a line to get in, but that was fine, and an employee handed out copies of the menu. I had the sundried tomato and mozzarella dog of smoked chicken and turkey with caramelized onions and sweet peppers, plus Belgian fries with curry ketchup, a Manhattan Special cream soda and, for dessert, a toasted apple pie ice cream sandwich between oatmeal raisin cookies. Total: $19.48.

The bar/dining room, in exposed brick, features communal tables covered in butcher block paper. A nice ambience. As for the food, it was fine stuff. The dog had a good snap and it was cradled by a dense, crisped bun. The fries were disappointing, but maybe I’m not a Belgian fry guy. I like ’em better at Back Abbey in Claremont.

I got through another couple of chapters of “Roughing It” before heading for home. Another satisfying outing to a new-to-me part of L.A.

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  • Andy

    You bobo! $20 for a hotdog and frys? You have got to be kidding!

    [Andy apparently won’t be getting the $13 burger at Back Abbey. P.S. Bobo? — DA]

  • Wikipedia

    [“Often of the corporate upper class” — yep, that’s me. — DA]

  • Jeff Gaul

    Yeah David. The Back Abbey fries and burgers are the best.

    [Sometimes you have to pay for quality. — DA]

  • Bob House

    According to the poster for Peter Sellers’ 1967 movie, “The Bobo”:

    “The Bobo is that cunning matador who flees the bulls so that he may chase the chicks.”

    Suggest you don’t tell Andy about the meal’s additional transportation cost.

    [Sound advice. — DA]

  • Andy

    Also from Wiki:

    Bobos are noted for avoiding indulging in high acts of conspicuous consumption in favor of spending the greatest amount possible on the “necessities.”

    [On a newspaperman’s salary, avoiding conspicuous consumption is easy. — DA]