Restaurant of the Week: Aoki

38582-aoki 001.jpg
38583-aoki 003.jpg

Aoki, 2307 D St. (at 3rd), La Verne

Aoki has been a fixture in downtown La Verne since the ’90s, anchoring a busy corner near the university. Outside there’s a protected patio; the interior is homey, with photos of customers along one wall and a mom and pop atmosphere.

I’ve been there a few times over the years and dropped in for lunch on Wednesday.

I got a two-combination lunch ($7.95), choosing sushi and sashimi. This comes with a bowl of miso soup and, as can be seen above, rice and a small salad. The sushi and sashimi both included salmon, tuna and yellowtail. It was a satisfying lunch and a good deal for the price.

It may be another year or two before I make it back, but I suspect Aoki will be there waiting.

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  • DebB

    That’s a great price for sushi/sashimi and fixin’s. Is it the type of place where a person would feel comfortable alone with a good book? Pretty casual?

    [Yes, casual. I was there myself with a good book. (“The Lottery and Other Stories,” Shirley Jackson.) — DA]

  • Doug

    Happy Birthday, Dave!