Angels Flight returns

38709-angelsflightopen 002.jpg
38710-angelsflightopen 004.jpg

Like I said in Wednesday’s column, that singular downtown L.A. attraction is back. Here are two photos I took. This was covered more formally by the Los Angeles Downtown News and by the L.A. Times, which had a story and photos.

Related: Millard Sheets’ painting “Angels Flight” is getting renewed attention. Here’s a link to the image and a short writeup from LA Observed. It’s my favorite Sheets painting too — even if it does leave out Angels Flight!

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  • shirley wofford

    David, according to the piece you have linked here, the opening day was for invited guests only. Who would have thought that you would be a gate crasher. Lucky you didn’t end up on the national news. Better hope they don’t run across you when reviewing their photos and surveillance tapes — ha ha. (If they had known about their wider-than-known marketing audience, their invite list might have included certain news columnists.)

    The reopening of the tiny railroad will make it so much easier this summer for people who exit the Red Line at the Pershing Square stop, and want to get up to Bunker Hill.

    I had attended the original reopening day of Angels Flight about 15 years ago when there were so many people waiting to ride that my friend and I took the long staircase instead. There was ongoing entertainment at the CA Plaza Watercourt, at the top — the only group I can remember was The Bernie Pearl Blues Band. They were really good.

    I attended the movie “500 Days of Summer” especially because it was filmed downtown. You know, the young man would have been singing and dancing that musical number on Angels Flight, if it had been available. (It was a wonderful movie.)

    I hope the little railroad can continue to operate and provide convenience and fun for people, safely, with no more tragic accidents.

    In reading your regular DB column, I see that you had a full day of fun stuff already planned before you happened on this scoop. Made me want to revisit those places I had been to before. It was a bummer that you missed the ball game — hope that friend with the tickets remembers you next time.

    [He forgot the restaurant we were meeting at and we never found each other. Sigh. As for Angels Flight, the man at the gate said it was open, and open to anyone, and people were climbing aboard. The Library Tower steps are a scenic (if grueling) way to get up Bunker Hill. One recent trip I happened upon an escalator, which I’ll probably never find again. I think it was north of Pershing Square. — DA]

  • Ramona

    How great to know that Angels Flight is up and running again. (Why is there no apostrophe?)

    Many years ago when my now middle-aged daughters were small, a ride on Angels Flight was the equivalent of an “E” ticket at Disneyland. And much cheaper.

    Hopefully, I’ll get the chance soon to ride again soon.

    Saving up my quarters.

    [Why is there no apostrophe in Angels Flight? Because the devil is in the details. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Another SW attempt at humor that fell flat. Don’t you know, if I had happened upon that railroad operating before anyone else knew about it, I would have been right on with another story to relate to my husband, whose eyes would have started rolling before I even began.

    When Angels Flight had to close in 2001, due to the tragic accident, the City or business sponsors, whoever, provided trolley service to the hotel entrance, next to the Water Court. Then, they stopped it about two years ago. I was usually the only person riding it when I was there — guess that was the reason it couldn’t break even. Also, I bet they did not think they would need to run it for nine years. It was a quarter too.

    I think you got the Library Tower stairs, on the opposite side of Bunker Hill, mixed up with the staircase next to the little railroad. The long escalator, north of Pershing Square, that I think you are referring to, drops one off right at the CA Plaza Water Court. When getting off at the Red Line Pershing Square Stop, take the Fourth Street exit instead of the Pershing Square exit — walk west along Fourth Street, beside the little park, to the stop light, and cross to the escalator.

    [I’ve used the Angels Flight stairs too, but I was referring to the ones across from the library, where the waterfall runs and joggers like to go up and down the steep steps. I’ll try to remember the escalator location — although now that Angels Flight is back, that’s the preferred way to go! — DA]

  • I work downtown and this is the first I’ve heard of this.

    [Well, it was in all the papers, and on TV too, but I’m pleased to be your news source! — DA]