• DebB

    That’s almost too good to be true! Those of us in the print design biz know how easy it is to carefully proof the copy and miss the mistake in the 60-point headline. I love it!

  • Lisa


  • Ramona

    Hmup!! The sound I make as I drive over the speed “hump.”

    Although I generally refer to them as speed “bumps.”

    [Which make the sound “bmup.” — DA]

  • Robin Gonzalez

    Oh good grief! And those things don’t do a damn thing to slow anybody down. If anything, they’re an additional challenge!

  • Bob House

    Funny Australian coincidence: HMUP is the logo for Helen Mulcahy Urban Planning (www.hmup.com.au)

    [Is Wednesday hump day at HMUP? — DA]

  • Linda Frost

    Whatever happened to spell check as in looking at the other side?

  • meg

    As a friend snapped back: “My hmups, hmups, my lovely lady lmups”…

    [Is your friend will.i.am? — DA]

  • David: I believe this is actually a proactive measure taken by the underground resistance movement in preparation for the eventual invasion & colonization of Earth by our alien overlords.

    Once “they” have taken over, those who wish to fight back will need to identify Humanoid Meet-Up Points (signified by acronym & vaguely Star Trek-ian symbol) where we can gather to plot the revolution. This meet-up point identifier also alludes to “Humans Must Usurp Power,” which will surely become a rallying-cry among the revolutionary underground.

    Of course, if any Klingons are reading this post today, this secret strategy may all be moot …

    [Gosh, I hope the Public Works Department doesn’t wipe out this “error” and inadvertently pave the way for an alien takeover. Humans Must Unite in Pomona! — DA]

  • Ignacio Palomares

    Ay Dios Mio! Mr. Gibbs was one of the few gringos I really liked and now this? Maybe it has something to do with Monty Python and the “Knights of Hmup.” Or was that the Knights that go “meemp”? I’ll go ask that lovely chap Graham Chapman…he “kills” up here.

  • don stockwell

    Drove by today, and the city crew had just pulled up @ 1:00 pm, flashing lights, paint sprayer and the works. Thought this would take care of the problem…..

    Drove by @ 2:00 pm and it was still there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe they needed more personnel to help since there was only 3 of them !!!!

    Maybe tomorrow ????????????????

    Do you think the city should be contacted?????????????????

    [Keep us posted on their progress, Don. — DA]

  • judi

    This is so fnnuy! Thakns, Daivd!

    [Yo’ure weclome, Jdui! — AD]

  • ChrisG

    Drove by today and it was spelled correct, now all of you get a life and start worrying about things that really matter!!!

  • ChrisG

    Judi can’t even spell funny right!!! HAHAHA…

    [You don’t know a joke when you read one!!! HAHAHA… DA]

  • don stockwell

    The funny thing of all this, I had just gave my granddaughter her speeling test the night before, as I was taking them to school !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When we saw the sign she had said a 9 year old could have made it right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ( Hope I speeled speeling corectly ?? )

    I’M Retired, Give me a break !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ChrisG

    Thank God for “hump day”, woo hoo half way through the week!.. Watch out weekend cuz here I come, because weekends were made for fun!

  • TEd

    These jokes are terrible, but would get used for some reason in any college newspaper.

    [Blog = college newspaper? — DA]

  • Dan Quayle

    Geez people, who do you all think you are? Can’t we all just get along and would somebody send this article to the AP so I can finally get some rest!

  • judi

    Even fnnuier! AH AH AH AH!

  • Dan Quayle

    Thank you, Judi…I’ll be here all week and a matinee on Sunday.