Claremont blog debuts

Conscious Claremont actually debuted last November, but an e-mail from the writer last week was the first I’d heard of it. Topics are mostly local politics, especially ones with a financial angle (logical for a writer with a degree in business economics and accounting), and the tone is less hectoring than the Claremont Insider.

The anonymous blogger grew up in Claremont, moved to L.A. for college and returned six years ago, meaning he or she is probably on the sunny side of 30.

The first post, from Nov. 3, titled “raison d’tre,” consists entirely of a quote from Clint Eastwood, presumably about why he ran for mayor of Carmel:

“It’s making sure that the words ‘public servant’ are not forgotten. That’s why I did it. ‘Cause I thought, I don’t need this. The fact that I didn’t need it made me think I could do more. It’s the people who need it that I’m suspect of.”

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  • Gino L. Filippi

    Hmmmmm… is this safe?