New Diner sighting

As I waited for my order at Zankou Chicken in Pasadena on Sunday, reading LA Weekly, a burly man approached my table and asked if I was a writer. This stranger turned out to be The New Diner, the food blogger from Diamond Bar who hits restaurants all over not only the Inland Valley but all over L.A. to boot. He might be in Chatsworth one day, Anaheim the next and Long Beach the next.

We’d e-mailed a few times but hadn’t met. As a reader of his blog, I knew not to praise the people of Orange County (whom he reflexively refers to as “the pretentious, jerk people of Orange County,” for instance, here) or to talk any trash about the late Baltimore Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas (the subject of a New Diner spinoff blog, Unitas We Stand). It was cool to meet him.

He was at Zankou for his blog, I was just there for a meal. Read what he had to say here. I like Zankou too.

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  • John Clifford

    Liking to eat, I took your recommendation and checked out his blog. While he does cover the entire “greater Los Angeles” area, I was duly impressed to find that he had 19 listings for Pomona (although the Pitzer College dining hall is, as we all know, in Claremont). But mis-labeling aside, I’ve decided to add him to my RSS feeds.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • M L

    I also checked out his blog and was very disappointed by his terrible writing. Even that short review was painful to read. (I’m talking about basic grammar skills.)