Not a kick-ass job


Photo: Laurie Babcock

The “open during construction” sign at the Old Schoolhouse center in Claremont could stand to make an “alteraton” to the Cactus Glasswork name, which is missing a couple of crucial letters. In the meantime, be careful sitting down!

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  • Bob House

    Perhaps competition for the Claremont business you reported on here:

    [As an update, A Fire Within, alas, was doused. Colonics’ new neighbor is DP Door Co., a far less intriguing combo. — DA]

  • Laurie Babcock

    The sign continues to be altered. I drove by it this morning and it now says “CA T ASS.” Intriguing!

    [This could become a continuing series. — DA]

  • K

    Hmmm, methinks that the close proximity of this sign to Claremont High School could possibly have had something to do with this editing job.

    [Those darn kids! — DA]

  • Ms. Lois

    Hey, at least they put a smile on our faces!

  • Cosmo Kramer

    Giddyup! The Assman needs to check out the assworks…maybe I’ll bring some lobster.

    [Just don’t bring pretzels, Kramer. They’ll make you thirsty. — DA]