Why did the chickens cross Nevada Street?

40255-sunkist 001.jpg

Out and about on Wednesday afternoon, I drove east on Nevada Street in Ontario from Sultana Avenue to get a look at demolition of the Sunkist plant, saw that the street dead-ended and turned around.

In the meantime, three chickens had crossed to the middle of the road. Not a sight you see every day, or even any day, so I shot this photo through my windshield.

I was hoping the chickens would cross to the other side and then give me an exclusive interview as to why, but they scuttled back to the north side. Looked like they live there — there was a fenced lot with a gate standing open and a man inside working.

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  • Ramona

    Maybe that age-old riddle is all in vain.

    Maybe chickens never cross the road at all. They just scurry to the middle, scratch about for a tasty morsel and run back to the side whence they started.

    Things that make you go, “Hmmmm.”

  • Ms. Lois


    We just got a book into the library today that is titled, “Chickens May Not Cross the Road and Other Crazy (But True) Laws.” It’s a book that the author researched different laws in the United States (that either do exist or once had existed) and put them into a hilarious picture book for kids.

    The law that chickens may not cross the road was (or is) a law in Quitman, Georgia. 🙂

    [We’re all relieved to know it’s not a law in Ontario, California! — DA]

  • Kathy

    I wonder if they are acquainted with the chickens at Transit Street and Sultana? I am often intrigued as I visit the medical center there, to see chickens that actually DO cross the road, right into the parking lot! They should be cautious, the Andy’s Burgers in the same lot serves chicken…

    These chickens live on the south side of Transit; they’ve been crossing that road since before the re-model of the center. I once watched a rather inebriated man petting them as he sat against the wall of the building.

    [Maybe Ontario should erect some “Caution, Chicken Xing” signs. — DA]