The Riverside Fox Theater returns

40725-foxrside 006.jpg

The Bulletin puts all the attention on the Pomona Fox, since that’s the one within the bounds of our coverage area, but Riverside recently restored its Fox theater too.

I hadn’t been there since its January reopening until last Friday, when the theater showed the Marx Brothers classic “Duck Soup” and then had the acclaimed Frank Ferrante doing his one-man Groucho show (well, two-man if you include accompanist Jim Furmston on piano). It wasn’t exactly well attended — it looked to me like about 400 people in the audience — but it was a fun show.

Here are a few (rather poor, I’m afraid) photos of the joint: the mezzanine (right), a false opera box with tiled stairway (below left), a light fixture with starburst in the auditorium (below right), and the interior and exterior (further below). I have to say, the $32 million renovation is beautiful.

40726-foxrside 003.jpg
40727-foxrside 010.jpg
40728-foxrside 011.jpg
40729-foxrside 013.jpg
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