Not a day to rail about

For an outing to L.A. on Sunday to the L.A. County Museum of Art, I used four types of public transit — a personal best, not that I was keeping track:

* Locomotive (i.e., Metrolink, to get from Claremont to Union Station)

* Subway (i.e., the Purple Line, to get from Union Station to Wilshire and Western)

* Bus (i.e., Metro Rapid, to get from Wilshire and Western to Wilshire and Fairfax, LACMA’s location)

* Light rail (i.e., the Gold Line, to get from Union Station to Little Tokyo for lunch)

The whole thing cost $11, with my $11 Metrolink ticket acting as an all-day pass for subway, light rail and bus, and of course I avoided parking fees.

The Metro Rapid bus is a wonder, by the way: The bus stops are stylish, the bus arrives every 10 minutes, it barrels along with very few stops and, as I said, it was free with my Metrolink ticket. It was my first time but I’ll ride it again.

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  • Andy

    Sounds like a full day. How long did it take? How many hours for lunch & visiting the museum?

    [I took the 9:44 a.m. train and got home about 6:15 p.m. I spent two hours at the museum and an hour at lunch, plus a few minutes for a bagel at Union Station for breakfast and a frozen yogurt in Little Tokyo before heading back. While traveling I read the morning papers and 100 pages of a novel. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    You are making me want to go again, David. I did this route the same way years ago. For classic car buffs, you can get to the Peterson Auto Museum on that Rapid bus. LACMA is such an amazing place.

    There are several other museums along the Wilshire route, including the LaBrea Tar pits. Some had to close with the times, one being the Museum of Miniatures which was also something to see, at the time — I hope it still exists somewhere. (As I mentioned before, that route is also the road to the Farmers Market. One of your posters had mentioned a bus to the Farmer’s Market from Hollywood and Highland that I want to try.)

    People need to enjoy all this free transportation from Union Station, ASAP, because they are going to start charging soon, and we will have to pay with TAP Cards. One can even go to the Long Beach Aquarium on the Blue Line — free transportation, with the Metrolink ticket, at the moment. (I have done that, and if people have never seen those particular parts of LA, they will take a deep breath, and realize how fortunate they are to live in the IE.)

    [Yes, I still want to try the Fairfax bus to get the FM too, and probably will now that I’ve tried the Metro Rapid 720. I also enjoyed the Museum of Miniatures once; if it exists now, it’s not in SoCal. Haven’t heard an update on the TAP card issue but am expecting that our free transfers will end by fall. — DA]

  • Ms. Lois


    Are you sure you’re on the right track?

    (You started it with the rail thing…)

    [I hope I was on the right track! — DA]

  • Matt Swift

    I live in Boston and with my car in the shop, I needed a ride to the rental car office at Logan airport. I took a cab to the local commuter rail station to catch the 8:30 pm train. Took the train to North Station where I took the subway, including a subway transfer, to the airport station. I took an airport shuttle bus to the first terminal where I hopped on the Dollar rental shuttle bus to their office. All to find out as a reminder that national car rental companies do not accept debit cards. Luckily, Boston commuter rail’s last outbound trains leave at 12:10 am. I got home at 1 am.

    The next day I found a local company that rents used cars.

    [Probably a wise choice. — DA]

  • Ren

    Reminds me of a song The Tracks of my Tears

    (hey you 2 started it lol)

    [Hope this doesn’t end with blood on the tracks. — DA]