Ontario bucket list?


Reader (and friend) Jason Winston says:

“My wife saw this on her Facebook page, and we really were stumped at how many items could be on an Ontario bucket list.”


1) Vince’s Spaghetti letting you make the spaghetti.


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  • Joanne

    How about the Founder’s Garden between Vineyard and Haven on Inland Empire Blvd? or Logan’s Candy? or the Museum (old City Hall)? or Bumstead’s bike shop? 100 year old churches like Bethel Congregational at F and Euclid, or First Christian Church at Vine and Holt?

    [Those are all good places to visit before you die. But I think you should have to DO something as part of this bucket list. Like: Make a candy cane at Logan’s. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Partake in the All States Picnic — which I thought was long gone, but an online mention says it was revived in 1991. True?

    [True, although I don’t know its current status. If it’s still around, it’s less than a shadow of its former self. — DA]

  • Charles Bentley

    While I hope I’m nowhere near ready to kick the proverbial bucket, here are five things worth putting on the list …

    *Take a tour of Graber Olives, one of Ontario’s oldest commercial establishments and a place that has drawn international attention to this city.

    * Walk up or down the Euclid Avenue median, what was once (and may still remain) the world’s longest double drive.

    * Visit The Cactus Patch and have a chat with Ramon Sanchez, a true icon of this community.

    * Watch a game at Jay Littleton Ballpark in John Galvin Park. It’s a chance to experience baseball in a historic setting.

    * Check out the Tiger sculpture at Chaffey High School. The work of CHS alumna Betty Davenport Ford, the Tiger has had a hard life but now proudly holds court inside Gardiner Spring Auditorium.

    If you run out of ideas, let me know. There are plenty more things to experience in my hometown!

    [I’ve done 4 of the 5. Never saw a game at Jay Littleton. — DA]

  • hugh.c.mcbride

    With a nod toward my long-held desire to live for a ridiculously long time, here’s a list of 909-related accomplishments that I’d like to complete before shuffling off the ol’ mortal coil:

    * Shop at a world-class used book store in Claremont

    * See a cutting-edge show at Victoria Gardens Playhouse

    * Go six months without hearing about corruption in local politics

    * Ride the bullet train from the IE to San Francisco

    * And of course attend the premiere screening of “The David Allen Story” at the Fox Pomona Theater

    [I wish you a long life! You’ll need it. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Ontario history enthusiasts might want to search for “all states picnic” in Google Images; look for images labeled “California – All States Picnic LIFE” in the first 10 results. Click on the image and you go to a beautiful set of large format, black and white photos for LIFE magazine of the 1949 ASP on Euclid.

  • Bob Terry

    1 thing Ontario desperately needs…a “nice” golf course. 2 things I need to complete my bucket list in Ontario…tickets to the Eagles this Saturday!

  • Will Plunkett

    Travel to the Ontario (Canada) airport and ask where the Business Bank Arena and Mills shopping mall are.

  • Charles Bentley

    It was never on my bucket list, or for that matter anywhere in my wildest imagination. But I can now say I saw the Eagles perform in my own home town. I missed their last visit — CalJam at the old OMS. But on Saturday night, I and two great friends watched one of the legendary groups play great music for three hours, a most memorable moment in time. And Joe Walsh is truly a force of nature.

    I hope Bob Terry was there!

    [Me too. If not, well, the Eagles perform here every 36 years, so maybe he’ll catch them in 2046. — DA]

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  • Julie Rightmer

    Running through the tunnels beneath the train tracks from Grove to Central. Popular with high schoolers and Jr High kids during the 80’s and 90’s. Get into bell tower. Go to Yangtze and talk to Edna, sneak into the cemetery at night, go to the Granada, bell tower at Chaffey, visit Sunkist, eat corn from the corn man, watch a game at the old baseball field, pick grapes from a vineyard… wait, most of these are unavailable now. Better hurry, or just be grateful that you’ve done it all. All but Bell tower and Sunkist.