D.A. Horndog

41117-ramos 001.jpg

This campaign sign (anti-campaign sign?) recently popped up in various locations along Fourth Street in Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario. This particular one was found in the lawn outside the Daily Bulletin — tsk, tsk — where an editor removed it and presented it to me. It’s currently occupying a proud place in my overflow cubicle.

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  • Was out for a walk last night & saw this sign attached to a fence on Vintage Ave. in Rancho. In addition to momentarily ruminating on the events that would lead one to create & disseminate a sign such as this, I thought to myself “too bad I don’t have my camera with me — this would make a good topic for a DA blog post.”

    If you are — as I have long suspected — actually reading my thoughts, Mr. Allen, I’d appreciate it if you would kindly ignore the folders marked “College” and “Plans for World Domination.” Other’n that, enjoy!

    [Oops, I was already riffling through your “Plans for World Domination” mental folder when your comment arrived. Busted! — DA]

  • K

    LOL @ hugh.c.mcbride! Love your comments as much as DA’s posts! Thanks to both for making me smile today!

  • Bob Terry

    Evidently, Mrs. Ramos didn’t either agree with the allegations or simply decided it wasn’t an issue…because if it was me and my spouse, I wouldn’t have the b*!@s to run…literally as in Mormon Tabernacle style.