The magic door to vacation

No posting this week due to vacation (yay!). As moderator I’ll try to check in daily to approve your comments, if any, for publication. Columns will continue appearing as I wrote a week’s worth in advance!

In the meantime, a public service announcement for the reading public (which presumably includes anyone reading this, right?). The Magic Door used bookstore in Pomona is celebrating its fifth anniversary all this month. How is it celebrating? With a 30 percent off sale.

Yep, 30 percent off for 30 days. I’m sorry I’ll miss the first week of the sale but will definitely hit it when I get back. Don’t buy anything you think I might want! Oh, OK, do what you like.

Magic Door is at 155 W. 2nd St., a half-block west of Garey Avenue; phone 472-2991.

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  • Don J

    Dave, Dwain ran “The Magic Door” for many years in Little Upland (Now the tux shop near the Upland Bakery) so us purists take into account the “Door’s” years of Gracious Living.

  • dwain kaiser

    We will also be setting up a free table most weekends. That’ll be our attempt to weed out our storage area.


  • Bob House

    Vacation and a book sale? It’s a month made for our intrepid correspondent. Enjoy!