A familiar face in St. Louis


The first paper I picked up while visiting my parents near St. Louis, Mo., last week made me do a double-take. Was that woman on the front page who it looked like?

It was indeed: Pomona Unified’s former superintendent, now U.S. Department of Education assistant secretary, Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana. She was visiting an underachieving middle school in St. Louis. Click on the thumbnail photo for a larger view.

Evidently it’s impossible for me to escape the Inland Valley, even on vacation.

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  • Rich

    If she was all that good she should of stayed here instead of leaving us to go join the circus getting her picture doen’t make things any better. Maybe she doesn’t get the picture that the P.U.S.D. is going down the tube. If you see her tell thanks for nothing she might as well just drop the kid off on a corner and tell him or her to find their way home I guess the money first and the kids have to suffer.

    [She should have turned down the No. 2 (I think) education job in D.C. to stay in Pomona? Remind me not to ask you for career advice! — DA]

  • Kristin McConnell

    Hey, David! 🙂 Thanks for mentioning Alana in Friday’s column! Alana loved the article and says that she understands the joke. She was still laughing when I asked her to explain why it was so funny. She said that she heard the double meaning in “bill.”

    I was a bit late seeing it, so we weren’t able to get a newspaper copy. How can I get one? I’ve never ordered a back copy before. 😛

    Have a great week! 🙂


    [If you can make it into the office, I’ll give you one. There won’t even be a “bill.” — DA]