• If you flip this photo around, it looks like this “tag” is actually a capital “R.” And If I’m not mistaken, this is part of the Inland Empire’s new initiative to encourage citizen interest in government.

    If you collect the other 11 quarters (the ones with E, X, G, U, T, I, E, R, R, E & Z on ’em), you get entered into a drawing. First prize is a seat on the city council of your choice. Second prize is an indictment. Choose wisely 🙂

    PS: Welcome back, DA! Hope you’re back to 100% soon (if you’re not already).

    [I thought my R might be part of the second series, leaving me J, O, H, N, P, O, M, I, E, S, K and I to complete. Oh boy! — DA]

  • Ted Melendez

    I find writing clever messages on dollar bills is far more attractive than boring religious messages. Not supposed to do it but people will write on money.

  • Larry Egan

    I would prefer that all taggers use the U.S. monetary system to do their dirty work, at least that way it wouldn’t have to be cleaned or removed using monies that could have been used to educate young artists or promote real art. This way at least the grafitti gets a far wider audience.

    [And what better way to stick it to The Man than to scribble on George Washington’s face? Everyone’s a winner! — DA]