A page turner

A Reading Log interim report: While I typically finish four or five books per month, on my way to my goal of 50 for 2010, it’s June 22 and my reading total this month stands at zero. Gulp.

It’s not that I’m not reading. I’m midway through eight books, on four of them 50 pages or less from the end. I went to lunch today with 26 pages to go on a novel (Clifford D. Simak’s “Why Call Them Back From Heaven?”) and came back with 13 pages left. My progress is such that I can wrap up four, or even five, books by June 30. Can’t I?

The fact remains that I haven’t finished a book since May 31, which makes me slightly nervous. Will I meet my goal, or will my next Reading Log be illustrated by photo of a blank floor?

This is what passes for a nail-biter on The David Allen Blog. Well, I do what I can.

* Update: After dinner out with friends on Tuesday I had time to finish the Simak novel. OK, there’ll be at least one book in my photo next month. Whew.

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