Such a deal (?)


A friend wonders: “Is $10 too much to indulge in three hours of chicken nugget bacchanalia?” Your call.

(This offer is exclusive to the Chino Hills Chick-fil-A, 3640 Grand Ave., which frequently advertises deals on its Facebook page.)

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  • Bob Terry

    Good thing for Councilman Elrod that this location is in Chino Hills as opposed to Chino proper…just hope next time he over-indulges he has a designated cowboy drivin’ him home.

  • Dee

    LOL! If my son shows up they’ll go bankrupt. He once ordered a 7 by 9 at In N Out. That’s seven patties and nine slices of cheese. Then, he ate it. All of it. I have pictures to prove it. And, no, he’s as thin as a rail. 😉