Restaurant of the Week: Liberty Bell Burgers

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Liberty Bell Burgers, 142 N. Mountain Ave. (at Holt), Ontario

Perhaps the Inland Valley’s most patriotically named restaurant, Liberty Bell Burgers’ logo thoughtfully includes the crack in the bell.

Inside, of course, it’s just another off-brand burger joint. The menu has sandwiches, burritos, breakfasts and, on weekends, menudo. There’s a menu on the counter and photos of various menu items up above, most of which are not photographed well. One is the “manager’s special,” which is two burgers.

I got the burger combo ($5.55 with tax). As with most mom-and-pop places, the burger is nothing special — skinny pre-formed patty, lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo — but somewhat better than a chain. The fries were okay. The whole thing came on a plate, a nice touch.

A sign in the window warned that all activities are monitored by video camera. Oh, Liberty Bell Burgers, you’re infringing on my freedoms — but that’s 21st century America for you.

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  • DebB

    I want to comment not about Liberty Bell Burgers (a lukewarm review, at best!), but about a Restaurant of the Week from back in April.

    Day before yesterday I went for the first time to Dino’s, on Towne Ave. Just driving home smelling the aroma from the take-out box I was wondering why I waited so long to try their chicken. It was heaven! So incredibly flavorful, spicy but not too much so, moist and tender. And the way the drippings coated the fries was so delicious. It was a lot of food for not much money. I finished the chicken for dinner, although by then the fries were not so good.

    Sorry to get off the Bell Burgers topic, but I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed another of your picks!

    [Thanks, Deb. I’m still going to Dino’s now and then and I hope they make it. — DA]

  • Rialtus

    Kinda funny that you chose this as your weekly review, giving it an “Eh,” while Lunch with ‘Lainey in the same paper also went there this week.

    I still prefer Jim’s in Upland, but that’s mainly for their fries. Liberty Bell does has some decent burritos though.

    [I had no idea until this morning’s paper that Liberty Bell was her choice. What are the odds? — DA]

  • Dennis

    Hi David,

    Are there 2 Liberty Bell Restaurants in Ontario? I ask this because your opinion of the burger special was way different than that expressed in today’s paper by columnist Lainey’s friend who ordered the burger special and “said the burger was delicious.” Lainey concludes by saying “We were both pleased with our choices and the price was good for our wallets, too.”

    Maybe you did or said something that offended the cook.


    [Heh. One place, two experiences! — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    I’ve never eaten at Liberty Bell Burgers, but this post made me hungry for a cheeseburger. I think I used to pass Liberty Bell on the way to work when I taught for a few years at Chaffey College’s Ontario campus, which no longer exists. Although, looking at the address you list, I don’t see how my route would have taken me past this corner unless I got lost. Which I’ve been known to do.

    I realize this comment is probably only of interest to me, but I’m mainly using it as an excuse to say “I really enjoy your blog,” which I like to say every so often because it’s true.

    Have you ever eaten/posted about Bravo Burger? There’s one right by my house… If I wasn’t, sigh, one day out of oral surgery, and sucking my meals through a straw, I think I’d go there for lunch.

    [You could get a shake. — DA]

  • mike

    i been at this place since 2005 and i just cant stop eating their avocado bacon cheese burger its just the best of all.

  • edgar