All hail Wckr Spgt


Photo: Carl Schlachte

Wckr Spgt, from left: Mark Givens, Joel Huschle, Kyle Brodie, Dave Carpenter.

Sunday’s column tells the story of this avant-garde local band. If you’d like to know more or listen to the music, the band’s website offers its more than 500 songs for free downloads as well as a full history of the band, its members and its fellow travelers, making for a partial story of local indie rock since the 1980s. You can also peruse song titles and lyrics.

For more about the new CD “Smooth Sounds: Various Artists Play the Future Hits of Wckr Spgt,” visit this page, which has funny questionnaires by each artist of their thoughts about the band.

And here’s a page about the July 24 Wckr Spgt Release Party show at the dA Center for the Arts in Pomona.

Interested in that 2007 show mentioned in my column in which the band performed while a box was constructed around them? Here’s a series of photos.

Oh, and since I didn’t go into this in my column: What does the name Wckr Spgt mean? The short answer: Not much. The long answer can be found here.

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