Dropped doughnut in Pomona

43198-donut 002.jpg

Anyone lose a doughnut? I was returning to my car Sunday after lunch at the corner of Arrow and Towne in Pomona when I noticed this doughnut, face down, in the dirt between the parking lot and the shrubbery. What a way to go.

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  • Bob Terry

    Well it surely wasn’t a Taylor-Maid donut…circa 1960 and change. Their original shop was on Palomares & 5th (sorry, Mission) and then up on N. Garey where your donut, burger, chicken stand is now. I have never and probably will never have a chocolate bar as good as Taylor Maid! I guess that is an addition to your previous live here too long column.

    [Wasn’t Donut Queen at that intersection years ago? Maybe this was a leftover. — DA]

  • batman

    I hope you were having pizza or pastrami, had it saturday, still can taste it.

    [Carne asada, actually. — DA]

  • Lisa


  • Jim

    In the early ’70s I worked at Taco Bell on 5th Ave across from Taylor-Maid Donuts and never worried about working late nights alone. Taylor-Maid’s policy of free donuts and coffee for the police meant there was always at least one police officer “stationed” there within shouting distance.

  • JMac
  • Rod Brown

    Not only the Police. When my Dad bought there, this was around 1969 -1970, they would almost always throw a free donut in the bag!

  • Bob House

    This hallowed intersection was also home to what I believe was the IE’s first In ‘n Out in the early 60s (assuming you don’t consider Baldwin Park to be in the IE). On the east side of Towne, a half block or so north of Arrow Hwy. Very few InOs around then — by 1976 they still only had 18 locations.

    [Ah, this hallowed intersection. — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    Somebody, somewhere out there, watched this happen to his/her doughnut and thought, “It’s going to be one of those days.” A little tiny part of me bleeds for that person.

  • Bob Terry

    Hey Jim, in 1972 I worked at the Union 76 station in Pomona at Garey & Philadelphia and only lived about a 1/2 mile away but I almost always drove to your Taco Bell in my 1965 Chevelle SS to get an enchirito…oh man I am old!!!

  • Ron Padilla

    Yes, Donut Queen was at the northeast location of Arrow and Towne Ave. in between a gas station and In N Out Hamburgers. Across the street on the west side was Jack in the Box and in the southwest corner of the intersection I believe was a shopping center anchored by the Big T supermarket.

    PS, I sure enjoyed my chocolate eclair and hot chocolate as a kid at the Donut Queen way back when.

  • The doughnut looks good enough to eat for George Costanza.

  • Andy

    I’m curious but where did you eat at there? Wingstop? El Rodeo? I live there. Or the store that sells rico menudo sabado y domingo?

    [Dino’s. — DA]

  • Andy

    hahaha… Dino’s.. formerly… Golden Ox.

    [Yes. But better! — DA]