Sorry, wrong number


Something doesn’t add up on this phone at the Upland Metrolink station, notes reader Maria Tello, who contributed the photo. She says: “I did not know that Upland had two 3’s and no 4’s!”

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  • Kristin McConnell

    LOL!!!!! Oops! 🙂

  • Let’s expound on that…

    * In these tough times, you can’t even text “tough times” on this phone.

    * Upland: twice as DEF as Montclair

    * It’s actually a backwards-coded warning about the FBI raids on City Hall…”FED!!! FED!!!”

    * Upland: May the Fours be with you…always.

  • Though Jenny was sure she’d *finally* put an end to decades of crank calls by changing her number to 867-5409, she was amazed at the number of Uplanders who still managed to get through …

    [And yes, even though I occasionally have to think long & hard about why I just walked from one room to the next, I had no problem recalling Jenny’s phone number. Well played, Mr. Tutone — well played, indeed]

    [Now you’ve got that song playing in my head again. I think I still own the 45. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Without the 4, you cannot dial 1-800-Call-FBI (324?).

  • Erik

    Is that a phone or the PIN pad on the Metrolink station’s ticket vending machine?

    [Hmm. Not sure. — DA]

  • Maria

    That was on the PIN pad. I was purchasing a Metrolink ticket… and actually read the numbers. I wonder how many people do that! I think Metrolink maybe doesn’t look. By the way, as of Friday 6 Aug 2010, it is still that way. Wonder if Metrolink noticed?