Restaurant of the Week: Papachino’s

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Papachino’s Grill and Greens, 14501 Ramona Ave. (at Eucalyptus), Chino

Papachino’s is a locally owned restaurant in the Home Depot center in an industrial area a few blocks east of the 71 Freeway. The casual eatery opened in 2009 and offers salads and seafood items, all priced below $10. Orders are placed at the counter and food is brought to your table. You can eat in the vaguely tropical interior or outside on the expansive patio, which is shaded by large umbrellas.

I visited with three friends last weekend. Our table got two wraps, a salad and a fish plate. The veggie wrap ($5.49) had zucchini, bell peppers, sweet onions and asparagus (!); the shrimp wrap ($6.99) had the same plus shrimp. Each came with fries. The grilled chicken taco salad (price forgotten; it was the daily special, not on the menu) came in a tortilla bowl. I had the grilled mahi-mahi ($8.99), which came with rice pilaf and pineapple cole slaw.

All four of us left satisfied, to a person describing the food as tasty and the portions as filling but not enough to leave us stuffed. But we didn’t leave for a long time, opting to enjoy the warm afternoon on the patio.

I like the concept of a reasonably priced place to get seafood, most of it unfried. If I lived or worked closer to Papachino’s, I’d probably be there often. As it is, Papachino’s is a long haul for me, but I do hope to make it back. Yelpers say the fish and chips are especially good, and many other menu items looked enticing.

You can view the menu here.

* The New Diner visited a few days after we did and reports: “I would go back to Papachino’s any time.”

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  • Matt Swift

    PapaChino’s. Ha ha! It must be a play on the east coast Italian chain, “Papa Gino’s.”

  • Margret Prescott

    “Long haul” from Claremont to Chino David — try driving from Medford, OR to Chino in one day, that’s what I consider a long haul. Anyway, thanks for reviewing one of our favorite restaurants.

    [I would consider Oregon to Chino a long haul, yes. But a half hour on surface streets felt like a long drive for lunch. — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    Glad my recommendation wasn’t in vain! Sorry I had to rush off to join my buddy for dinner… though my guilt is mollified a little by the fact that it was three and a half hours later. Though having said that, everyone looked as though they* would have been willing to stick around longer. Fun conversation and fun times!

    *actually “he/she” (the grammar teacher in me comes out).

    [I’ve missed your footnotes, Doug. — DA]

  • Does it cost more to order food in color?

    [No wonder all items are under $10. — DA]