Restaurant of the Week: Legends Burgers

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Legends Burgers, 2420 W. Arrow Route (at Monte Vista), Upland; also 1645 N. Mountain Ave. (at 16th), Upland; 8775 Baseline Road (at Carnelian), Rancho Cucamonga; 1155 E Route 66 (at Loraine), Glendora

Our local legend is the Legends chain of burger parlors, which are favorites in Alta Loma, Upland and Glendora and which added a fourth location near Claremont and Montclair in late 2009. (The Glendora Legends may no longer be officially connected to the chain as it’s not mentioned as a location on the menus.)

They have 20 burgers, a variety of sandwiches and salads and some Mexican items, plus pancakes and omelets for breakfast. In that way they’re similar to the valley’s better burger spots, the ones that have expansive menus and seem to put more effort into things.

I’ve been to the two longstanding Upland and Alta Loma Legends but more recently have visited the new one, which is technically in Upland but is only a block from the Claremont Colleges.

Legends does a decent fast-food burger ($3.29), on a sesame bun with lettuce, tomato, purple onion, pickles and Thousand Island dressing, and a chicken gyro ($5.89), with tomato and onion, of similar quality. On one visit I got a small vanilla shake ($2.69), which is made with real ice cream. I found the food acceptable but nothing to rave about.

Legends’ decor, all four locations, might best be described as “aggressive kitsch.” Almost every square inch of wall space is covered in posters, tin signs, portraits and street signs, involving the usual suspects: I Love Lucy, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Route 66. Lining the walls is a string of license plates, one from each state, in alphabetical order.

It’s overwhelming and a bit much for my taste, but the good thing is that Legends is so clean it almost gleams. The service is exceptionally cheerful. The food isn’t exactly legendary but the cleanliness and friendliness make for a positive experience.

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  • Dean

    I always opted for their turkey burger — very juicy and flavor filled. And their soda freezes are my weakness too. Coke and vanilla ice cream — YUM!

    But alas, I have been on a fitness and nutrition kick the past few months, so I do not venture to Legends any longer.

  • Will Plunkett

    The general rule is: ask for a take-out box. If you try to eat it all in store, it’ll be too much. But a nice leftover lunch the day after is filling each time.

    Best items?

    – breakfast burrito (my fave is the bacon/egg)

    – gyro (chicken)

    – patty melt (not my choice, but many others love it)

    – the “original” combos (fish or chicken strips) that come with a salad plus the normal drink and fries.

  • Charles Bentley

    While I agree with you that the burgers are decent but not spectacular, I believe you do the chain a disservice by not mentioning some of the unique variety that the menu offers. Ostrich and buffalo burgers aren’t normal fare, at least not at the local fast-food establishments I know. And the fries are well above average in quality and quantity.

    I also feel the need to add that their breakfast burritos are among the best I’ve tried locally, and quite filling.

    The service is always top quality and I’ve never run into a problem with “special” orders. All in all, certainly a memorable meal option if not “legendary.”

    [Good point about the ostrich and buffalo burgers. I haven’t had the fries or a breakfast burrito. — DA]

  • Jenifer M.

    If my husband and I run out for a bite to eat on the weekend, LEGENDS/Glendora is our spot of choice. My husband usually will get a breakfast burrito and I, a salad. The Greek salad is fantastic!! We have had several of their menu items and never had a complaint. Except for the fish taco…I have had better. Carne asada items are tasty, as are the chicken quesadillas! Their shakes are great! The Glendora location is our favorite. They offer a full salsa bar which I enjoy!

    As long as they continue their quality, friendly service and cleanliness, we will be there!!

  • Bonnie

    Try the BLT with avocado, yum. Their bacon is far better than most fast-food places. Other stuff I’ve tried is o.k. but not spectacular, but what do you expect from fast-food…..

  • Matt Swift

    I love the salads! They are so big, two could share one and fill up.

  • Bob Terry

    Total decadence at Legends is the appetizer combo…fries, onion rings, zucchini and mushrooms…the latter 2 battered and fried also.

  • Elaine Benes

    You mean to tell me that they have a BIG salad…”GET OUT!” They sound very “salad worthy” to me.

  • Ronald Scott

    Hey Dave have to admit…it is nice to have a decent burger place WITH a drive thru so close to Claremont. I mean it’s right on our doorstep.

    [True. Although I don’t do drive-thru, I do like the place’s proximity. — DA]

  • George

    Thanks, Bob. I’ll try the appetizer combo next time. I always get the tuna on toast. Nothing’s ever worked out for me with tuna on toast.

    [You should do the opposite. Would that be salmon? Because salmon swim upstream, while tuna… — DA]

  • Dwain Kaiser

    It’s the salads. Maybe a bit too healthy for your taste but they have the best salads in the valley. I always get the avocado salad to go, usually it makes two meals, sometimes three. Their chicken salad is to die for, just wonderful. Try a salad the next time you yoiu go there. Their egg burrito is also fantastic!

    Dwain Kaiser
    The Magic Door – Quality Used Books
    In the Heart of the Pomoma Art Colony

    [Best salad in the valley? That’s high praise. — DA]

  • Car Loans

    I love Legends, they have a great BLT.