Pomona ‘Graffiti’

43707-foxgraffiti 002.jpg

Movie buffs and car buffs, not to mention theater buffs, gathered Sunday to watch “American Graffiti” at the Pomona Fox Theater. At right is Clay and May Daily’s 1956 Ford Thunderbird that was used in the movie. I had my flash turned off, darnit, so you can’t read the license plate: GRAFITI. Below is the marquee at night after the show let out. You can see a gallery of photos here or here. Warning: I’m in a couple of them.

43708-foxgraffiti 004.jpg
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  • Doug Evans

    American Graffiti is a fun movie and it would have been a kick to see all those cars in person. The Fox actually celebrated my birthday this past Sunday by showing this movie… Alas, I couldn’t be there, as I spent the weekend with friends up in Vegas. I enjoyed taking my daughter to the Raiders of the Lost Ark showing, though, that I first heard about through this blog! (Actually not true… I first heard about the Raiders showing from our mutual friend Elizabeth. But I like to give this blog credit even when it doesn’t really merit it!)

    [We like getting credit even when we don’t really merit it (which is most of the time). — DA]