‘Cracked’ in Claremont

I don’t know if Cracked the magazine is still around, but Cracked has a website. And this video, in which four friends sit around a diner and dissect the implications and contradictions of “Back to the Future,” is pretty funny. Not only that, but the diner happens to be the Village Grille in Claremont. Watch the video here.

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  • Doug Evans

    I’ve been enjoying Cracked’s online (Cracked online’s?) stuff for some time. And there they are, hanging out in Claremont! I had breakfast at the Village Grille on July 4. Wonder if I just missed those guys?

    I used to get the magazine as a kid, starting with their Star Wars adaptation back in 1977. You’re right: Well, actually, you say you don’t know, so you’re neither right nor wrong… but the magazine no longer exists in magazine form. The only connection between it and the website is the name (and logo!), which someone bought the rights to.

    This one is funny too! Nothing about Claremont in here, but it is my dream home: