The pleasures of Portland

43983-portland10 005.jpg

My second visit to the Rose City, following one in 2007, occurred last week. Do you want to see photos? Of course you do.

The city’s unofficial motto (above) decorates a parking lot. Said lot was across from Voodoo Doughnut (below left) — motto: “The Magic is in the Hole” — where I waited 20 minutes for a doughnut. I felt dumb, but it was clearly the thing to do, and the result was pretty good. Meanwhile, check out the homemade wheat toast with housemade raspberry preserves (below right) at the spectacular Fuller Coffee Shop, and (below that) the banana pancakes from the original Original Pancake House.

43984-portland10 009.jpg
43985-portland10 003.jpg
43987-portland10 001.jpg

Finally, the Portland streetcars (below) are a great way to get around downtown. For most of their route, a ride is free, even more incentive to use them. Wheeee!

43986-portland10 007.jpg
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  • Charles Bentley

    I am so impressed with your decisions regarding dining establishments and the quality of your images from the Rose City! Voodoo Doughnut was an especially good choice (and, I’m sure, worth the wait), and I’m glad you were also able to experience the original Original Pancake House. I look forward to learning more about your trip (including your doughnut choice!) in future postings.

    [I had a maple bacon bar: a maple bar with a strip of bacon on top. I prefer the version at L.A.’s Nickel Diner, where the bacon is crumbled — much easier to eat. Check back for another post tomorrow and, probably, a column later this week. And thank you. — DA]

  • Matthew

    I’ve been wanting to visit with Wendy for ages! My #1 goal for making it to Portland is to try a Cap’n Crunch doughnut!

    [That’s funny. Voodoo also has one with Tang on top. — DA]