How much does your city manager make?

If you live in L.A. County, this LA Times chart will tell you. The Times used 2009 total taxable income to give a clearer picture of managers’ actual pay — a canny approach, since base salaries often don’t include other compensation perks that vary by city.

As the related Times story figures it, the average city manager salary in the county is $209,000. The Pomona, La Verne, San Dimas and Diamond Bar managers are all under the average — and that’s before Pomona’s manager, like other city employees, took a 10 percent cut because of a furlough — and Claremont’s manager is above.

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  • Richard Hernandez

    You know it’s funny how some people can get away with things like that. Take for instance the Manager of the Water Dept., who at one time in order to run the dept. had to be certified by the Calif. Dept of Health Services with a Grade 5, but now has no certs at all while the general service employees must be certified or lose their jobs. You figure if the workers must as a condition of employment how could the manager not be included. They will tell you that if it is alright with others who are certified than the manager can work under their certs, something that the employees were told they could not do.

    [Get away with things like what? Taking a furlough? — DA]

  • R. Franklin

    The letter in today’s paper written by Joe Romero says everything about the Pomona City Council meetings I have always wanted to voice, too. I turn on the TV site and can not hear 95% of the speeches or members of the council and cannot see the faces of the speakers or hear them. I turn it off when I know they are not going to correct the situation.

    All the council members should be recalled for not respecting the public by not correcting the problem. I hope the coming election will weed out some of them.

    David Allen attends the meetings so he does not see what we do. He needs to write another column like he did of the Cristina Carrizosa rip-off of the Pomona taxpayers. I kept my TV on the station for the last meeting long enough to know by the applause that we will keep our police.

    [I sympathize. Even sitting in the chambers, it can be hard to hear what’s being said due to microphone issues or to council members who turn their head to speak to others on the dais rather than use the microphone. — DA]