• Dean

    Does the font size indicate the desirability of the location? The line with LA and ONT is as tiny as can be. I know I’d much rather find myself in Maui or Las Vegas…

  • shirley wofford

    David, you were smart to take public transportation. The only view I ever get to see of Portland is riding through with my driving spouse.

    Years ago we drove up on I-5, and the conflux of the rivers was beautiful. Then, we drove right up to a nice Comfort Inn and dined at a good restaurant. Now they have “upgraded” I-5 with high bridges, practically making the rivers invisible. The traffic is going in so many directions, one is too scared to look down at the rivers.

    Traveling through Portland on I-5, at 5:00 p.m., on a Friday, was the scariest traffic situation of my life, and I wasn’t even the one driving. There is an alternate highway through Portland, which I would advise everyone to take instead of I-5. Otherwise, I guess if I want to see Portland like you did, I will need to have a relative move there, so my driving spouse has to stop for more than an overnight.