Not a power couple


Jerry Tessier and me on the Fox Theater’s rooftop patio after Saturday’s wedding. In keeping with his ’70s duds, I flash a peace sign. I need a wig like his. But then, so does he.

Photo: Councilwoman Danielle Soto

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  • After hours of intense evaluation, the judges were forced to declare co-winners in the “What Would Jim Morrison Have Looked Like Had He Lived ’til 2010?” contest.

    [I hope the prize isn’t a free bathtub. — DA]

  • Bob House

    You actually fooled me for a minute with this photo of A.J. Liebling and Tony Clifton.

  • meg

    @Hugh: You win the Comment of the Day prize! Which is not a free bathtub either.

  • Ronald Scott

    When I saw the pic I thought you were in Vegas.

  • Bob Terry

    My initial reaction was…a young Hyman Roth & Mo Green straight out of the ’70s movie The Godfather.

  • Wendy Leung

    David, you just need a wig period.

    [I’ve got a headache. I must be having my wig period. — DA]

  • Jerry Tessier

    It’s not the wig David is missing most, it’s the Liberace sunglasses.

    [Can I get those with prescription lenses? — DA]