Vacancy in the Village Expansion


The former Rich’s frozen food plant on West 1st Street in Claremont has been abandoned. City Hall says the plant closed in April. I only noticed its absence last weekend on my way to the Laemmle theater when I noticed the sign on the plant’s Oberlin side was newly gone. That’s the Packing House in the background. Read more about Rich’s in my Friday column.

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  • Eric

    What a great opportunity to complete the Village West Expansion project. Although the building will most likely stay vacant for awhile, I hope they hold out for the right kind of redevelopment.

  • Ronald Scott

    Well no doubt the council will hold countless meeitngs as to what to do with the property. A decision will be made. Minds will change and feet will drag. Claremont never does anything in an efficient manner.

    [That’s why we love it. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Can’t wait to hear what The People’s Republic Architectural Commission has to say on this building. Wonder how many actual manufacturing companies are left in Claremont.

  • Don J

    Was that their language — “abandoned”? I’d heard they made whipped cream filling there.

    [They did. Maybe “abandoned” isn’t the best word, but it’s their building, and they moved out. — DA]