Metrolink free transfers continue

This may interest no one but Shirley Wofford and myself, but the sweet deal from Metrolink — in which your train ticket allows you to also ride MTA buses, subways and light rail for free — is apparently going to continue for some time. The Daily News says the new-ish subway turnstiles won’t be locked anytime soon because getting other transit agencies, including Metrolink, to agree to use a universal transit card is taking longer than expected. There had been talk last year that a new system would go online in July.

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  • shirley wofford

    Thanks for the heads up, David. I had been thinking about going in to the MTA soon to see how the new system is going to work, and according to what you say here, they haven’t decided yet.

    It looks like the free shows at CA Plaza will end this weekend. The programs used to go through October, but I guess they have fallen on the same hard times as everyone else. There is a Spanish tenor at noon on Friday and an adult puppet show at 8 p.m. The Saturday night 8 p.m. show is a four string quartet described as “Jimi Hendrix goes classical.”

    The Saturday, 11:30 p.m. train from LA to San Bern. is still operating, so I bet it would be a fun evening for anyone who is looking for something new and spontaneous on a Saturday night.

    [I had thought those California Plaza shows were only on Fridays at noon, which is why I’d never tried to catch one. Well, not sure what my weekend holds, but we’ll see. — DA]

  • Tad Decker

    Add my name to yours and Shirley’s…that is great news that the transfers will continue. I particularly enjoy the ability to freely ride the red line subway after taking Metrolink into downtown.

    [I agree. It’s a great bargain…which we need, after Metrolink fares went up (it now costs $17 from Claremont on weekends, ouch). — DA]

  • John Clifford

    Since I will be taking the train to teach my classes at FIDM next quarter, this is also good news for me as well.

    On a side note: The work is ongoing at the North Pomona Metrolink stop. A new expanded parking lot means no more trying to find neighborhood street parking when taking a late morning train. Be aware that they’ve divided the train stops for going to LA or San Bernardino so you’ve got to make sure to go in the right direction. But it looks like work is continuing apace.

    [I noticed a platform on the north as the train rolled through that station and wondered why I’d never seen it before. This must be why! — DA]