Mounted up in Montclair

44898-centralhorses 002.jpg

At 7 p.m. Wednesday, heading south on Central Avenue and stopped at the light at Mission Boulevard, I was startled to see two cowpokes also waiting for the light to change. Once across the intersection, I pulled into the gas station and grabbed these two shots.

The pair kept going past a natural stop, Farmer Boys burgers, which even has a drive-thru. One horseman was on a cell phone. Does the no-phone-while-driving law apply if you’re on horseback?

44899-centralhorses 004.jpg
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  • Duane

    I wonder if California State emissions tests are required?

  • Ted Melendez

    Probably not, since you’re very close to the Ontario/Chino city border. Horses can also be found going down the street in Chino, usually on the weekends after 6 o’clock. Makes me smile.

    [They were headed in the direction of Chino. — DA]

  • Scott in RC

    Probably just by coincidence the obnoxious pink building on the N/W corner is not in the background.

    [I was in a rush and couldn’t get it in the frame, although I’d have liked to, to help locate them in a recognizable place. — DA]

  • margieboy

    Just like where our horses live — Norco! Eventually all of the rural areas will be changed to single family home developments (e.g. Eastvale) but it’s a joy to still have horses in southern CA and still get to ride them out and about even if we have to ride along the streets.

    As for the phones, horses aren’t motor vehicles, so I’m thinking it wouldn’t count. On the other hand you can be arrested for riding drunk. From a safety standpoint, though, it’s best to not talk on the phone and pay attention to what’s going on around you just in case!

  • Scott in RC

    I wonder if the obnoxious pink building has an area to tie your horse to while inside said building. You may have to do some investigative journalism.

    [If I must. — DA]