Restaurant of the Week: Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

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Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, 11561 Foothill Blvd. (at Mayten), Rancho Cucamonga

I don’t write about many chains here, but I’m not dogmatic about it; if it’s a chain without many locations around the Inland Valley, I don’t mind. Wahoo’s fits that category. The shop in east Rancho Cucamonga, a block east of Milliken, is the only one near me (the store locator function on the Wahoo’s website is giving me the “can’t connect” message so I can’t check for sure).

Wahoo’s has a beach theme. The decor involves bare wooden booths, a faux grass hut, an “Endless Summer” movie poster and surf-gear stickers affixed to poles, booths and windows. So the vibe is relaxed, but you won’t feel out of place if you’re dressed in chinos instead of board shorts. The food is mostly fish tacos, burritos, bowls and salads.

I’ve eaten there a few times, most recently for lunch with a couple of friends. One had a carnitas burrito, which was loaded with pork and was proclaimed “scrumptious.” The other had Baja rolls, which were like sushi cut rolls, except with a flour tortilla instead of rice, and had chicken, cream cheese and spinach; the verdict was “I’d order that again.” (I didn’t jot down the prices and they’re not online, but you can see the menu here.)

I had a fish taco ($2.35) and a shrimp taco ($2.60). I liked ’em both. The shrimp taco had a pleasing coconut taste.

We also appreciated the self-serve lineup of four iced teas: plain, tropic green, passion fruit and mango. Service was unusually friendly for a quick-service restaurant; a server paused at our table to chat about the Baja rolls, one of her favorites.

It’s been a while since I’ve tried Senor Baja, but I’d judge the fish tacos here better than Rubio’s or Baja Fresh.

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  • DebB

    I started eating at the original Wahoo’s in Huntington Beach 15 or more years ago when I worked in that area. No longer employed down there, I really missed their fish tacos, black beans and rice. When I spotted a new Wahoo’s in Chino I was thrilled!! It’s in the new shopping center on Chino Hills Parkway, just east of the 71 Fwy. I believe there is also one in Glendora/Covina somewhere. Now another of my Orange County favorites has opened in Chino — Lee’s Sandwiches. The OC is finally discovering the IE?

    [I didn’t know there was now a Lee’s in Chino. I’ve heard of them but have never seen one. — DA]

  • Cheryl

    I eat a Senor Baja at least once a week. On Tues. they have shredded beef tacos, the best (yum!) for 99 cents and on Wed. it’s fish tacos for 99 cents. They also have a great shrimp cocktail. Every thing I have eaten there is fresh and delicious. There is one near me on Foothill and Vineyard and a newer location at Foothill and Haven.

    [A newsroom colleague ate there every Wednesday for months just for the 99-cent tacos. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    The three brothers, Wing, Ed & Mingo, opened up their 1st location in Costa Mesa in 1988. I was one of their beer suppliers back then. They would go to the Newport pier every morning and whatever fresh fish they bought that day from the Dory Fishing Fleet would be served in their restaurant that same day. They are great guys with three UNIQUE personalities…plus they give so much back to the community.

    [Those are really their names? I saw that on their website and thought it was a joke! — DA]

  • Ronald Scott

    My girlfriend is an assistant manager for Rubios so I’ve been partial to them for awhile. Its almost like cheating on her if I try another fish taco…lol.

    [I understand. By contrast, I’m free to play the fish taco field. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Yes, DA, those are the names. And during that same time in the OC, the Rubio’s ventured into town from San Diego and I was there with them at the beginning. Now get this, another set of 3 brothers…Ralph, Richard and Robert!

    [OK, those names I believe. — DA]

  • Dave Linck

    Great shot of the tacos…makes me want to go back there for more!

  • J

    I enjoy Wahoo’s and appreciate the healthier alternatives there such as brown rice and teriyaki vegetables. And I love that their fish tacos aren’t slathered in cream sauce over fried fish. It is a great place where a vegetarian and a meat eater could go and both enjoy a great meal. And it all still tastes good. Great choice, David.