No shirts and shoe, no service


Costco in Montclair thanks customers in advance for wearing multiple shirts and one shoe. Hmm.

“What if this wasn’t a typo?” wonders my colleague Wendy Leung, who took the photo on a recent shopping expedition (in which she, and no doubt everyone else in the store, violated the rule).

She adds: “I guess the good news is, if you break a heel while shopping, you’d be all right. But if you’re not one for wearing layers, you’d better carry an extra shirt in case they enforce this law.”

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  • I have a bigger problem with the sign. I only have one daughter, and she’s out of state at college. Of course, even if I brought her back home just so I could go to Costco, I still wouldn’t meet Costco’s rules because I’d only have the one child.

    And if I don’t have a briefcase or backpack with me, do I have to buy one so it can be inspected?

    Wendy has clearly opened a can of worms here — a problem, since worms can’t even wear a single shoe.

    [There’s a whole host of issues, obviously. Better join Sam’s Club instead. — DA]

  • connie timmer wagers

    I have extremely fond memories of the Royal Tahitian. It was a thrill when asked to attend a show there. I was dating in the early 60’s and the Royal Tahitian was so fun. Walking across the foot bridge, the ambience, the service and the really good food. How sad it closed and is now being torn down. Too much of our memories are gone…

  • Cosmo Kramer

    Ok, so here’s the deal…I wear Frank’s “man-sierre,” nobody inspects nothing…I get my 5-gallon beef-a-rino…and I go across town to help protect my friend’s armoire…”giddy up!”

  • Howard J. Turkster

    Costco wants you to wear several shirts and a shoe while inside the store… I’d hate to guess what they have in mind when they inspect your “etc.”

    Maybe the Costco sign committee needs to take a remedial course in English as a second language.

    Yet another example of the dumbing down of America…