Meet me at … the Toyota tower?

45593-fair2010 012.jpg

Photo of original clock tower from Charles Phoenix’s “Cruising the Pomona Valley”

The L.A. County Fair’s clock tower, erected in 1952, was taken out before the 2005 Fair due to termite damage and replaced by a temporary tower on stilts. This year’s clock, in roughly the same spot but part of a Toyota sales area, is a stubbier version, almost invisible to passersby.

The expression “Meet me at the clock tower” has probably been retired. Visitors will have to arrange to meet somewhere else, or just wander around aimlessly.

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  • Scott in RC

    You probably saw this coming, but does their clock actually work?

    [Yes! — DA]

  • Annie

    Don’t be silly, Scott in RC. The clock works great and is also sylish. However, I’m told it has a tendency to accelerate unexpectedly.